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'With & Without Toustone'

Transformative Stories of 3 Australian Businesses

Welcome to the accounts of three Australian businesses from diverse industries, detailing their experiences 'With and Without Toustone'.

#1 Driving Growth and Empowering Strategic Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

#2 The Path to Trusting Your Data, Minimising Risks and Improving Efficiencies

#3 Joining the Disjointed to Make Smart Business Decisions and Drive a Competitive Advantage

With & Without Toustone #1:

Driving Growth and Empowering Strategic Decisions with Data-Driven Insights

Without Toustone

  • “We want to take away that gaming element and focus on the food and beverage as a standalone business and in doing that make sure that we can support the club.” explained the CFO to us. To do this, the club needed to mitigate membership churn, and although they had rich first party data, it was fragmented across the business and being underutilised.
  • They were relying on a manual reporting system that was prone to errors and time-consuming to maintain.
  • They knew they were sitting on a treasure trove when it came to data, they had lots of it, but needed help from data and analytics experts to make sense of all this data and extract insights to help them make informed operational and strategic decisions.

With Toustone

  • Staff life has “been made a lot more easier” with our unified, automatic platform that provides them with a holistic view of their business, deeper understanding of customer behaviour and actionable insights.
  • Predictive analytics has helped BSC to identify 80% of those members who are risk of disengagement within 12 months, with an 82% accuracy rate, allowing them to implement initiatives to reduce predicted churn.
  • BSC have since experienced a 25% increase in membership over six months – their highest growth rate.
  • Marketing resources are now strategically allocated for optimal member retention and a measurable ROI.
  • Informed decision-making influences all areas, including expenditure planning for optimal investment.

Don't just take our word for it:

“The implementation of Toustone’s RetainMember has been a game-changer for Bankstown Sports Club. The ability to gain clear insights from our data has empowered us to make informed decisions, leading to significant membership growth and reduced churn. We’re not just reacting to changes; we’re strategically planning for the future.”

Rod Dearsly, CFO, Bankstown Sports Club

Are you ready to drive growth and make proactive data-driven decisions for your business?

If you like what you’ve read, we encourage you to dig deeper into our membership growth platform, explore our enterprise analytics, or feel free to book in for a 15-min call with us.

With & Without Toustone #2:

The Path to Trusting your Data, Minimising Risks and Improving Efficiencies

Without Toustone

  • A leading Australian train operator struggled with a manual and labor-intensive static reporting system.
  • Monthly reports were complex, with vast train, station, and patronage data to understand.
  • The slow manual process was fraught with inaccuracies.
  • Decision-making was delayed and based on unreliable insights.
  • They knew they had a data and reporting problem, but didn’t have the internal expertise required to turn 000’s of data points into reporting that was automated, accurate and easy for all to understand.

With Toustone

  • They now have a single source of truth with one visual dashboard that is automated and presents all data in real-time for fast, efficient insights and confident decisions.
  • Their data integrity has been enhanced – no more manual data handling means they can trust what they see.
  • Comprehensive oversight of operations that has enhanced speed and efficiency in resolving issues.
  • Cost reduction due to elimination of manual data handling which has also given staff valuable time back to work on other projects.

Don't just take our word for it:

“We have taken what we needed to achieve minimally and increased it 100-fold, not 10-fold, 100-fold! Toustone has been able to provide far more accurate detail than any other service we have worked with previously. From absolutely nothing and bad Excel reporting to actual live data feeds inside a year… it’s amazing.”

Networks Standards and Performance Manager
Australian Train Operator

Say goodbye to manual, time consuming and inaccurate reporting and drive operational efficiencies in your business.

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With & Without Toustone #3:

Joining the Disjointed to Make Smart Business Decisions & Drive a Competitive Advantage

Without Toustone

  • Several software platforms collected data but were disconnected from each other.
  • A gold mine of data was available but was siloed – requiring labour-intensive manual reporting.
  • Critical business decisions were based on unreliable insights.
  • They knew they needed to unlock the treasure trove of data for faster, more confident, and informed business decisions, but needed help to do so.

With Toustone

  • Automated data integrates into one centralised location in the cloud, connecting all data for a seamless flow.
  • Customised reports automatically deliver insights to each user for fast, efficient decision-making while eliminating time and labour spent on manual processes.
  • Enhanced data integrity and accessibility provides a trustworthy foundation for decision-making
  • Farm performance is improved with a direct effect on the bottom line, thanks to precise, automated insights.

Don't just take our word for it:

“Working with Toustone has been great. They have been able to effectively capture information off multiple platforms and automate it. The solution has definitely made the backend of the office more efficient by getting all that data into one spot. Their personal insight continues to provide different ways to look at the data and get more out of it.”

Mat Wells, Manager of Performance & Analytics
Lawson Grains

Unify your data and unlock actionable insights to make smart decisions for your business

Learn more about our Toustone’s Agriculture & Food Analytics Platform, Enterprise Analytics Platform, or feel free to book in for a 15-min call with us.