Australian Train Operator

Learn how Toustone's Transport solution ensures all key performance metrics are achieved on time, every time, with better data and better decisions.

About Australian Train Operator

Toustone’s Transport solution allows even the largest of Australia’s train operators to easily track their trains journeys with one dashboard that captures all train, station, and patronage data in one location. Our Transport visual dashboard enables operators to drill down from the big picture into individual train journeys to target specific performance issues. Fast, efficient insights are delivered automatically, reducing both the manual labour required and the risk of errors, so your team can focus on what they do best.

One of our clients is a large train operator in Australia. With an international heritage, they bring a wealth of expertise and a history of innovation to Australian transport systems. They aim to combine best-in-class technology with a caring culture that focuses on individual needs to deliver excellent service.

What are your thoughts on Toustone's Transport Solution?

“Get on board! Take a look at the difference this can make for your business, providing accurate, efficient information with graphics to support, and let’s not forget the trend analysis!!”

Network Standards and Performance ManagerAustralian Train Operator

The Challenge

The system of service delivery reporting used by our client was highly manual and labour intense. They recognised that there was an opportunity to leverage data to improve reporting and enhance their service delivery, creating a competitive advantage. However they did not have the in-house capabilities to deliver a solution, so they went in search of a partner. A tender was put out with a set of specific performance objectives, benchmarks, and obligations. Due to the complex nature of the solution, Toustone was the only one to deliver a cloud-based automated reporting and visual dashboard solution.

The Solution

Toustone’s Transport decision intelligence system was implemented to gather the complex data and automate the analysis and generation of visual reports. This reduced the labour previously required to manually extract the data and create reports. Automation provided the dual benefit of cost savings and removing the risk of errors due to manual handling of data.

All of the train, station, and patronage data is now viewable in one location for fast efficient insights. This provides the operators with an overall view of high-level metrics that is easily drilled down to an individual journey. From here they can get a quick and accurate analysis of performance and specifically target any issues to immediately improve their service delivery.

For instance, many factors contribute to delivering a consistent journey time. One factor might be a door that is taking too long to open or close. With the implementation of Toustone’s Transport solution, train operators can now immediately identify which door and the cause of the issue and take steps to correct it to maintain consistent service.

Our client chose to place an operational dashboard screen at their office entry so staff arriving at work can easily see the previous day’s operations data. This means they are aware and ready to respond to any potential issues, delivering a better experience for their customers.

Next Steps

“We have taken what we needed to achieve minimally and increased it 100 fold, not 10 fold, a 100 fold! Toustone has been able to provide far more accurate detail than any other service we have worked with previously. We have gone from absolutely nothing and bad excel reporting to actual live data feeds inside a year… it’s amazing.”

Network Standards and Performance ManagerAustralian Train Operator

Key business outcomes

  • Oversight of all rail operations with increased efficiency and speed
  • Improve service delivery based on automated reports and insights
  • Reduce labour cost by removing manual data handling
  • Enhance data integrity with cloud hosting and automating reports
  • Decision-making based on accurate, up-to-date data