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Professional Services:
Your expert data personnel

Compliment your team with experts in all things data; from data modelling and visualisation to leaders in data strategy.

How can Toustone’s Professional Services help?

Toustone has expert resources to not only fill gaps in your team, but also to enhance it.

Embed Toustone Professional Services within your team:

  • To maximise your workforce flexibility
  • For available, onsite, offsite, or a combination of both
  • To support your end-to-end data requirements (from Advisory, Project Management, Business Requirements, right through to Delivery)
  • For a cost-effective solution to labour shortages
  • To address data skill gaps
  • To guarantee customer IP continuity
  • As a compliment to your existing workforce

Leverage our experience and data expertise:

  • Proven track record across multiple industries
  • Leading Decision Intelligence methodology
  • Versatile software application knowledge (Yellowfin BI, Power BI, Tableau, DOMO, Qlik, AWS)
  • Programming skills in Oracle, MS SQL, Java, C++, Python & Dephi and more
professional services guide download

Download our Professional Services Guide

Want to know more about how our experts can complement your team with all things data? Download our guide on how to enhance your tech team and see how global brand Plexure built a custom data solution with our Professional Services.

Toustone’s Professional Services offering expertise from start to finish

Data Integration

  • Creates invaluable guidance in data extraction
  • Converts raw data into usable information
  • Develops, constructs, tests and maintains reliable and secure data solutions
  • Develops ingestion approaches for new data sources
  • Develops reliable and scalable processes for data modelling and mining
  • Improves code quality with well-designed and maintained CI/CD processes

Data Modelling

  • Supports strategic technical projects and translates business requirements
  • Brings data strategy experience coupled with expertise in data modelling
  • Maintains and improves data infrastructure
  • Ensuring data policies and procedures are followed
  • Experience in data architecture frameworks around modelling, security, classification and more

Data Visualisation

  • Support the design, development, and implementation of innovative and appealing, static and interactive data visualisations featured on user-friendly reports and dashboards
  • Ensuring large and/or complex data is accessible, understandable and usable, and conveying key messages through appropriate data visualisation techniques and methods
  • Support data visualisation standards across the business, enhancing organisational capabilities in data visualisation and associated techniques

Data Strategy

  • Collaborate with stakeholders across a variety of business functions to translate data into actionable insights
  • Bring confidence into every decision you make
  • Evaluates your business processes aligned to your management methods
  • Supports your team with all commercial and analytics-based products
  • Brings sophisticated knowledge and experience around data management processes
  • Assists in developing data analytic strategies that are aligned with the business’s goals to drive continuous improvement

Development Support

  • Supports the designing, specifying, documentation, and development of projects and solutions
  • Assists in maintaining and building DevOps pipelines
  • Ensures quality checks and the management of code bases are maintained
  • Assists in the diagnosis and resolution of complex service issues to ensure effective development, maintenance, and support of applications

Embedded Analytics

  • Bring strategic and technical guidance to the implementation of an embedded analytic platform
  • Support best practices through Toustone’s global experience
  • Assist in planning, designing, implementing and supporting embed analytics
  • Bring a combination of skills in cloud, migration, modelling and visualisations of data
  • Develop appropriate frameworks, strategies and vision to execute the goals of the business