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Transport Analytics

Connect and ingest all data to analyse journeys, predict future maintenance, prevent incidents and make smart decisions.

Australian Transport data analytics

Typical challenges in the Transport industry

  • Large volumes of data are typically in silos across the business leading to a highly complex and time- consuming reporting process
  • There is no ability to track and detail individual asset performance holistically
  • Visibility into operation journeys against scheduled journeys is delayed
  • There is lack of insight into current and future energy consumption
  • No ability to monitor current and future asset maintenance

Our Transport Solution Overview

Key elements of our Transport solution


  • Financial performance KPIs
  • Financial penalty alerts
  • Delay performance measurement
  • Customer feedback


  • Actual performance vs schedule
  • Platform dwell and closures
  • Scenario modelling
  • Delivered services, headway, journey time analysis


  • Patronage measurement using ticketing data
  • Prediction for scheduling
  • Approximate patronage measurement using train weight
  • Passenger growth analysis


  • Incident attribution
  • Line possession management
  • Incident monitoring and alerts
  • Incident cause & effect analysis


  • Utilisation and availability
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Machine Learning for predictive maintenance

Sustainability Reporting & Predictive Analytics

  • Current energy usage
  • Machine Learning on energy forecast
  • Monitoring electrical assets
  • Alerts on key energy measures
Transport Australia Decision Intelligence

SIRI Protocol in Toustone's Transport Solution

Benefits to Australian transport operators

  • It is a globally recognised standard for transmitting messages from all transport operators (think trains, buses, ferries etc. Regardless of the transport type, the SIRI protocol can be used).
  • The SIRI protocol is already being used as the protocol of choice in parts of Australia. For example the NSW Government has adopted the SIRI standard.
  • SIRI is all about communicating to the customer in a superior and accurate way. Accuracy of data resonates strongly with our values.
  • SIRI helps the transport industry move away from “now” “now” and instead move towards “when exactly is the next train arriving”

Automated operational reporting

Our client is a large train operator currently operating and maintaining a line in Sydney, which contains 36km of track, 13 stations and delivering 346 daily services. Toustone enabled them to accurately track every journey with one dashboard that captures all train, station, and patronage data in one location. By unifying all their data sources they can now drill down from the big picture into individual train journeys to target specific performance issues.

“Toustone has been able to provide far more accurate detail than any other service we have worked with previously. We have gone from absolutely nothing and bad Excel reporting to actual live data feeds inside a year… it’s amazing.”

Australian Train OperatorNetwork Standards & Performance Manager

Members of Australasian Railway Association (ARA)

Toustone is a proud member of the Australasian Railway Association (ARA) in recognition of our many years working in the transport sector.

This membership marks a significant milestone in our commitment to the transport industry and our dedication to fostering innovation within it.

At Toustone, we recognise that data is at the heart of transport innovation. Over the last few years, our dedicated transport analytics team, led by co-founder Adam Sharp, has had the privilege of engaging with leading organisations in the railway industry, gaining invaluable insights into the dynamic landscape of rail transport. Their experience has fueled our enthusiasm for contributing to the evolution of transport through data-driven solutions.

As ARA members, we look forward to furthering our journey to support organisations to leverage their data to streamline operations, improve decision-making, and enhance service delivery through automation and data-driven insights.

We encourage ARA members to reach out to us for an obligation-free discussion regarding any of your data challenges (or goals) you may have.

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