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Data Foundation

To drive a better business, you need to base your decisions of a solid data foundation.

Single Source of Truth

Automated Reporting

Visual Dashboards

Visual dashboards tell the full story of your business. There's no delay, it is delivered to you for proactive action.

Data Storytelling


Predictive Capabilites

Go from insight to foresight by embedding Machine Learning! Predictive insight made easy.

Machine Learning


What is Decision Intelligence and how does it work?

Where is it hosted?

How do we scale up the DI tools if a new business is acquired, data sources or new software is introduced?

How fast will it be?

Is my data secure in the cloud? Is everything encrypted?

What kind of data access controls will I have available?

How will the data be extracted from the native systems to build the data warehouse?

Decision Intelligence vs Business Intelligence: Whats the difference?

I thought Toustone was a Business Intelligence company?

What is Yellowfin?

Can Toustone help us create a Data Warehouse and insights across our various disparate data sources? How long will it take?

Can I access my own data source?

How difficult is it to write new reports in future and can this be done in house with training?