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Agriculture & Food

Typical data challenges in the Agriculture and Food industry we solve

  • Multiple siloed operating systems that require manual intervention to extract relevant information
  • Delayed insight into procurement, daily production performance, maintenance, energy and water consumption, waste management, HR/WHS and supply chain considerations
  • Missed opportunities for continuous improvement
  • Lack of foresight that supports a financially sustainable business

Our Agriculture & Food Solution Overview

Key elements of our solution


  • Procurement and planning
  • Production performance and outcomes
  • Finance and Administration
  • Governance and Compliance


  • Daily primary and secondary products
  • Daily cutting room performance
  • Producer score (Lean Meat Yield and Intra-Muscular Fat)
  • Labour performance


  • 12-month prediction on staff turnover
  • Staff turnover by manager, job title, tenure, etc.
  • New hire vs departure analysis
  • Feature analysis (causes of turnover)


  • Overall incident summary
  • Safety incident trends by class, location, region, etc.
  • Incident attribution
  • Treatment outcomes & RTW analysis


  • Utilisation and availability
  • Maintenance monitoring
  • Monitoring and alerting
  • Machine Learning for predictive maintenance

Sustainability Reporting & Predictive Analytics

  • Energy and waste management
  • Machine Learning on energy forecast
  • Monitoring electrical assets
  • Alerts on key energy measures

Gundagai Meat Processors

Gundagai Meat Processors (GMP) is located in the prime lamb growing region of Gundagai in NSW. Over the past 45 years, their business has evolved from processing 5,000 lambs a year to processing one million per year. They attribute their success to their innovative methods, the trust they have built with long-term clients, and investment in employees. GMP is a significant contributor to the local Gundagai economy, employing approximately 250 staff, one of the largest employers in the region.