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Toustone helps you find your edge through the power of data. From optimising ESG initiatives, streamlining operations, maximising financial efficiency, or driving expansion, you'll have accurate and holistic insights empowering you to make confident, informed decisions.

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Do you have these business and data challenges?

  • Difficulty making data-driven decisions due to disjointed and siloed data across disparate sources
  • Inability to leverage insights from your data to achieve your financial goals and gain a competitive advantage
  • Unable to trust the data you are being presented due to poor data quality and inaccuracies
  • Time inefficiencies due current data analytics being a manual process, with varying data formats, leading to exhaustive workflows to understand them
  • A lack of accurate sustainability reporting to help you track Scope 1, 2 and 3, measure and reduce your carbon footprint
  • A need to minimise risks, uncertainties, and proactively plan for the future of your business, but lacking transparent and accurate insights

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Our Advanced and Predictive Analytics Platforms

Sustainability Suite

Enterprise Suite

In house Data Consulting, Reporting & Predictive Solutions

Empowering Businesses Through Strategic Data Partnerships

A connected data ecosystem is the heart of your business.

A connected data ecosystem is the heart of your business.

How it works

Toustone Decision Intelligence solutions are made up of four key components.

Single Source of Truth

Automated Reporting

Data Storytelling

Machine Learning