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Yellowfin Cloud

We have built Yellowfin Cloud powered by Toustone based on years of experience in bringing data to life making reporting easy and affordable for your business.

You can sign up to our cloud environment in seconds. You can create your own reports or we can provide technical expertise to deliver a fully automated reporting solution for you.

Either way, we want you to get the most out of your data.

Download our migrating your Business Intelligence to the Cloud white paper (PDF).

Making Sense Of Your World

With Yellowfin cloud powered by Toustone, you can quickly make sense of your business data by transforming this information into highly reliable graphic visualisations and applications, allowing you and your team, across all departments, to answer your business's most important questions – it's easy to use and you can achieve virtually any type of analysis.

From company wide dashboards to quick on the go investigations, you can connect to almost any data and begin exploring, building views, and collaborating.

Yellowfin Cloud

Markets We Serve

We understand business - Toustone deliver a complete Business Intelligence reporting solution to multiple market segments:

Our highly interactive and visual reporting platforms allow you to quickly see insights and drill into the key drivers of your results. Across all aspects of your business - easily explore operational data, financial insights, growth or production outcomes, weather patterns, logistical efficiencies, reduce costs and more – more power than you could ever imagine.


Expense Analysis, Company Summary, Annual Report, Strategic Summaries, Predictive Reporting, Profit and Loss Reporting, Financials, Risk Identification, Assessment and Management, Activities and Business Review, Share Capital, Purchases, Employment Communication

Supply Chain

Logistics, Warehousing, Production Output, Manufacturing, Weather Patterns, Livestock, Soil and Growth Optimisation, Sourcing and Procurement, Cost Per Kilo Metre to Move Stock, Activities by Region, Route Efficiency Reporting, Supply and Demand, Inventory, Consumption

Sales and Marketing

Sales by Products, Tracking Marketing Spend, Budgets and Forecasting, Consumer Feedback, Social Media Reporting, Best Performing Customers and Products, Client Retention, Sales Processes, Marketing Campaigns, Advertising, Web Page Traffic, Tracking Rebate Spend and Effectiveness

Finance and IT

Profit and Loss Statements, Consolidated Statement of Financial Position, Changes in Equity, Cash Flow, Financial Statements, Estimates, Significant Events and Transactions, Business Combination, Seasonal Fluctuations, Goodwill, Intangible Assets, Property, Plant and Equipment, etc

Research and Development

New Technologies, Reporting on Soil tests, Growth Patterns, Livestock Feed, Chemical Monitoring, Water Consumption, Process Innovations, New Data Analysis, Weather Patterns, Consumer Expectations and Realisations, Soil Optimisation and Grading, Fertiliser Analysis, etc.

Human Resources

Attendance Detail by Employee, Compensation Summary, Enrollment by Employee, Full Time Equivalency (FTE) Headcount, Employee Orientation Checklist, Requisition List, Reviews Due, Skills Expiration, Turnover Periods Analysis, Turnover Rate by Department

Making Business Intelligence easy and affordable - The choice is yours

It doesn’t matter what industry or business function you are from, everyone needs to understand the data relevant to their role. We have taken care of the hard bit, the technical environment is up and running in 30 seconds. Now its up to you to decide on how you develop your reports. Ask us to help, do it yourself or use another trusted partner. The choice is yours.

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