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Toustone Decision Intelligence combines human decision making with Business Intelligence and Machine Learning.

Industry Solutions

Tailored to your business requirements, to accelerate your performance.

How it Works

Toustone Decision Intelligence solutions are made up of four key components.

Toustone Single source of Truth

Single Source of the truth

With a single source of truth, your data is reliable, easily available and secure. Connected and centralised in one location for easy access and deeper analysis between data sets, driving greater reporting efficiency and insight into your current performance.

Toustone Automated Reporting

Automated Reporting

We specialise in interpreting and orchestrating your complex data specific to your business requirements. Accelerating your data processing to visually present clear insights that drive better business decisions and performance.

Toustone Data Storytelling

Data Storytelling

Intuitive data visualisation enables instant awareness and further investigation into the numbers behind the screen. Supported by a Toustone data foundation, everyone has the capabilities to recognise KPI trends that can be capitalised on or efficiently corrected to avoid risk.

Toustone Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Once you have the foundation to run the day-to-day operations you can begin thinking more strategically. Embed Machine Learning into your data processing to really accelerate your decisions for the future, create more desirable outcomes and look forward with confidence.

Enabling competitive advantage with Toustone Decision Intelligence

Toustone Better Data

Better Data

Bring important data to the surface with intelligent insights.

Base your decisions on a reliable data foundation with Toustone DI. A foundation that is aligned to your business strategic direction will supply meaningful insights that drive better outcomes.

Toustone Better Decisions

Better Decisions

Drive your business further with data-driven decisions.

Connect, centralise and automate all your organisation’s data points into one single source of truth! Enable a practical decision making process throughout all functions that drive more effective insights.

Toustone Better Business

Better Business

Be a better business with intelligent technology.

Decision intelligence enables real-time insight into your organisation’s performance with predictive capabilities that anticipant future business behaviours. Have the information you need to excel your business.

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