Bankstown Sports Club

Learn how Toustone enabled Bankstown Sports Club (BSC) to leverage their data to its full capabilities with Decision Intelligence and RetainMember


Bankstown Sports Club (BSC) is one of Sydney’s top registered clubs with an extensive range of entertainment options including restaurants and bars such as La Piazza and Basement Brewhouse and 5 additional associated Venues. With over 100,000 members and well over 600 staff, they are one of the largest sporting club Groups in NSW.

“The key objectives for Bankstown Sports Club is to take away that gaming element and focus on the food and beverage as a standalone business and in doing that make sure that we can support the club and the longevity of the club by making a profit from that area.”

Rod DearslyCFO, Bankstown Sports Club

The Challenge

BSC has multiple systems that gather valuable information on daily performance and customer insights, making them a data-rich organisation. The major challenge BSC faced was how to promptly leverage this information to its full capacity. The process of pulling insights out of their systems was time-consuming and labour-intensive. This was taking up crucial time they could spend building insight and taking action.

Also, the potential for BSC data goes beyond understanding its customers. Data is available on F&B performance and other aspects of the business, which when combined with labour; and other Human Resources information such as headcount, tenure, and demographics, makes the foundational contribution to efficient operational decisions. BSC recognised there had to be a better way.

We knew we were data rich, and we knew we weren’t exploiting it to its full capabilities.

The Solution

Toustone’s solution for BSC is a highly tailored and fully automated reporting environment that combines vital information from their POS, memberships, HR, marketing activities and more.

The solution provides more profound and more timely insight into their customers, operation performance, marketing practices, and employees. These insights support their team in driving more successful marketing campaigns, improving customer service, and creating a more profitable operation.

“Toustone has given Bankstown the ability to equip all our staff with the information they need. From operations to marketing to senior management, they all have the evidence to inform decisions, which makes the whole decision-making process far more robust and timely.”

We start sourcing data from all relevant areas and then begin connecting and automating data feeds from the club’s operational systems to store in the cloud. From here, data stories are created to build a narrative around the data, and key focus areas are detailed in visual dashboards and reports. Next, we combine machine learning with human decision-making, and over time this model develops key trends and alerts organisations of any future trends or risks that will affect KPIs. Below is a visual representation of a DI platform similar to the one provided to BSC.

The solution provided to BSC delivers key insight into their operations through the latest data science techniques and is fully hosted and managed by Toustone’s support team.

“Clubs aren’t huge organisations. We don’t have massive IT departments and we are people with varying capabilities. Having Toustone as a partner is very important to us because they don’t just come in and implement the solution… they go beyond that to ensure we have what we need with constant ongoing support.”

“One of several driving factors for selecting Toustone was the feeling you get of being able to communicate effectively. Having people on the same page as you throughout the business from management to the support team just makes the whole process so much easier… and it’s a very uncomfortable space [data modelling]. I’m an accountant by trade, I understand what information I want and the logic of integrating and automating information together… but actually doing it… I couldn’t do that without Toustone.”

Chris VillaniGroup Strategy & Commercial Manager, Bankstown Sports Club

Key business outcomes

  • Timely and robust decision-making process through the automation and integration of all software and machines
  • Increase customer engagement through detailed customer profiles with key trends in purchase behaviour
  • Enhanced strategies to increase membership with patronage and local demographic analysis
  • Automated reporting, including daily turnover results, identified revenue streams and static financial reports
  • Individual machine performance and utilisation by zones, type, time, and customer
  • Faster and more accurate data analysis through the incorporation of modern data science techniques
  • Additional external technical/support resources from Toustone