Learn how Plexure delivered a better analytical performance for its customers through partnering up with Toustone and Yellowfin!

About Plexure

Plexure is a leading global mobile engagement solutions provider that helps create more meaningful relationships between brands and consumers by harnessing the power of data to deliver personalized customer engagement. Plexure works with brands in the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) and grocery sectors to create stickier and more profitable relationships.
In 2020, Plexure formed a partnership with Yellowfin and Toustone to improve its dashboarding, data visualization and hosting capabilities so it could deliver better analytical performance for its customers and empower them to make smarter marketing decisions, faster. To date, there are over 224 million end-users of the Plexure platform in over 60 countries.

What benefit has this solution added to your service?

“Now we have this solid foundation it has opened up lots of interesting opportunities to grow the value we add. We’ve quickly delivered custom reporting outputs for our enterprise customers to play a bigger role in the executive level stories they want to tell.”

Will HuntProduct Manager at Plexure

The Challenge

The system of service delivery reporting used by our client was highly manual and labour intense. They recognised that there was an opportunity to leverage data to improve reporting and enhance their service delivery, creating a competitive advantage. However they did not have the in-house capabilities to deliver a solution, so they went in search of a partner. A tender was put out with a set of specific performance objectives, benchmarks, and obligations. Due to the complex nature of the solution, Toustone was the only one to deliver a cloud-based automated reporting and visual dashboard solution.

The Solution

Plexure chose to engage Yellowfin as their solution provider, with Toustone as delivery and hosting partner. Both were selected due to their joint ability to deliver value fast, the scalability of their respective platforms and the completeness of their data vision.

Using a collaborative approach, the joint team were able to quickly deliver a range of new perspectives on Plexure’s data, from consumer acquisition to sales outcomes and ongoing loyalty, to help clients understand their audience and pinpoint opportunities for improvement.
Yellowfin was easily integrated into the Plexure application, shared and exported outside the platform, and fully white-labelled within Plexure’s product suite to ensure a seamless customer experience that aligned with Plexure’s existing brand and user experience.

Toustone was then engaged to host the Yellowfin solution via Amazon Web Services (AWS), ensuring the delivery of flexibility, scalability and security Plexure required. Toustone helped co-design and develop visualizations, provided data strategy advice and solved previous obstacles around finding a multi-tenant, cost-effective cloud-based solution with high data velocity for Plexure’s millions of consumers.
“Toustone’s co-development and design has allowed Plexure to significantly shorten the time to market,” said Will Hunt, Product Manager at Plexure. “This enabled the rapid build and delivery of new visualizations, which allows Plexure to meet the demands of our enterprise customers.”

Benefits & Future

Plexure now has a class-leading analytics platform used by customers in over 60 countries globally. Yellowfin provides a key point of difference for discussion with potential new clients, as it is easily extendable to meet the custom reporting requirements of global executives, with the potential to support and grow embedded analytics as the Plexure platform continues to evolve.

“The partnership between Yellowfin and Toustone has allowed Plexure to accelerate the delivery of our new analytics capability,” said Mark Bailey, Head of Partnerships at Plexure.

Because it is browser-based, Yellowfin enables Plexure’s clients to access all the analysis and visualizations they need from any location they choose to work from. It has additionally opened support for augmented analytics, both self-generated and to incorporate a growing range of enriched insights from Plexure’s in-house data science team.

In addition, with Toustone as a hosting partner, Plexure’s internal teams can now focus on improving their core product to provide more actionable insights for customers rather than the underlying infrastructure and technology. Toustone’s hosted and scalable platform matches Plexure’s growth, both in volume and global reach.

“As an organization whose success is based on data-driven decision making, the visualization capabilities Yellowfin provides are critical in assisting our customers to maximize the capability of our platform,” concludes Bailey.

Key business outcomes

  • Plexure is a leading global mobile engagement solutions provider
  • A data foundation supports the need for quick and reliable insights
  • Improved user experience through real-time data visualisation
  • Hosting is flexible and scalable by growth in volume and reach
  • Plexure’s internal team can focus on improving their core products

“Toustone have accelerated our ability to help our customers understand their data. Adding a hosted BI tool onto our data platform has let us focus on telling data stories, not the infrastructure that enables them. And we’ve pushed it hard, scaling to users in over 60 countries over a couple of months and pumping billions of events through our platform every month.”

Will HuntProduct Manager at Plexure