Learn how Toustone Health DI solution helps Kirinari perform at an optimal level.

About Kirinari

Kirinari is a disability service provider located in Albury, NSW. Supplying a range of NDIS based services in disability, aged care, transport, and careers, Kirinari has a mission to enrich their customers’ lives through individualised solutions.

Removing the barriers to effective action

“Being able to make quick data-driven decisions in the NDIS is critical. Toustone enables us to see now so we can plan for tomorrow.”

Diane LynchCEO at Kirinari

The Challenge

Prior to the NDIS, service providers operated under so-called “block funding” or grants – they knew exactly how much funding was granted to them to deliver specific services to a limited number of people over a defined period of time, and simply acquitted expenditure back to the government. Now, the NDIS empowers the individual needing assistance to make choices and control who they spend their money with. Participants may use a number of different providers or purchase various services from the same businesses. This means there are huge amounts of data to be tracked in order to manage each case and make the best decisions for clients as well as for businesses.

More Specifically to Kirinari, they struggled to adjust to the NDIS, where real-time data is essential when understanding their organisation’s cash flow, which is tailored to each individual’s NDIS plan. They needed to know exactly how many participants they have compared to how much they were spending in payroll and service delivery. With all this information to be readily available to all senior managers and rostering managers to create clarity and consistency every day.

The Solution

Toustone Health Decision Intelligence (DI) solution simplifies the data reporting process. The tools Health DI provide can bring an end to gathering information from multiple files – all data is collated on a single screen dashboard, simplifying systems across the board. Harnessing this data efficiently allows for swift decision-making based on current real-time information, benefiting both the service provider and the individual NDIS participant.

Health DI reporting empowers us to make informed decisions without wasting time gathering data. It allows us to take a look at the way we do things from a greater perspective. It opens the door to improve operations, provide a better experience for customers, and look ahead to the future with confidence.

This solution allowed Kirinari to make these quick decisions and drill down into their data, allowing them to see how and why they were overspending or underspending more specifically. Aligning with the NDIS reporting needs, this Health DI solution allowed Kirinari to perform at an optimal level for all of their participants, to create a better outcome through better data.

Key business outcomes

  • Removal of highly manual and labour intense reporting process
  • Connected and automated data sources
  • Enhanced data accuracy, integrity and accessibility
  • Improved inventory management
  • Better farm performance
  • Future direction for smart farming

“Kirinari was struggling with adjusting to the NDIS, where the requirements for evidence and real time data is essential, where we need to know how much we are spending at any given point in time and that’s got to be entirely based on an individuals NDIS plan. Toustone coming along was just incredibly fortunate timing for us, it was like a marriage made in heaven. They have exactly what we are looking for and were able to work with us and figure this out.”

Diane LynchCEO at Kirinari