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As any C-Suite professional knows, making informed decisions with clarity and accuracy has a huge impact on strategic initiatives, operational efficiency and overall business success. But to get there can be a process, as not all businesses are set up or have the internal capability to extract those insights from their data.

In fact, over the years I have found that many SME’s – and large scale organisations in particular – have a wealth of data at their fingertips, yet it can be a struggle to bring that all together with the right level of visibility.

We help businesses with challenges like these every day. Usually the problem our clients come to us with is the lack of visibility across large teams and organisational structures. Everything is tracked through KPI’s and charted performance, but to bring those masses of data together into one single, comprehensible and easily accessible stream is a mountain of work to take on!

What we do on paper might sound simple, but when you’re dealing with 000’s if not 000,000’s of data points, some of which may not even be clean, one soon realises the skill needed to identify, source, clean and unite data.

And then the real magic starts.

It is making sense of it all. It is the section you see below called ‘Business Intelligence’ and ‘Machine Learning’.

This is where our decades of experience really comes to the fore. Because we are business leaders at Toustone, we understand what data is needed to truly understand what’s happening in HR, Marketing, Finance, Sales operations and performance. It is our secret sauce. It’s coupled with the ability to display this data in a way that makes sense to leadership teams, the CEO, the Board, or whoever needs this data for their decision making.

This is the stage where you as a leader can quickly direct resources – solving issues and mitigating risk, but also predicting performance, and making informed decisions for the better future of the organisation.

Our enterprise solution is helping organisations of all sizes reach their goal to make smarter, informed business decisions.

See how it takes diverse sources of data from all areas of the business and transforms that data into comprehensive insights for any organisation across key areas:

🔵 Executive
🔵 Financial
🔵 Marketing
🔵 Sales
🔵 HR
🔵 Sustainability Reporting

There is also a bespoke element to the solution, allowing for added dashboards and reporting based on your company’s goals and KPIs. If you’d like to find out more regarding our Enterprise solution working for your business, book a discovery call.