Utilising data to deliver personalized customer engagement

Learn how Plexure delivered a better analytical performance for its customers through partnering up with Toustone and Yellowfin!




Daniel-Shaw Denies

Dan is the Senior Vice President, Global Strategy and Alliances at Yellowfin. With over 20 years of analytics and global scaling experience, Dan is dedicated to the strategic growth of software solutions and emerging technologies.



Will Hunt

Will is the Product Manager of Analytics & AI at Plexure who is responsible for the variety of Plexure product customers use to plug into consumer behaviour, measure engagement and improve performance.


Adam Sharp

Adam is the co-founder and Director of Toustone. Adam has developed a sophisticated knowledge of how to present data visually in order to optimise the understanding and analysis of data in several industries.



Plexure is a leading global mobile engagement solutions provider that helps create more meaningful relationships between brands and consumers. Plexure’s customers needed the right analytical solution that could help them measure, integrate and refine their marketing activities, in order to keep their consumers highly engaged and continue to drive positive business results.

This led Plexure to approach Toustone and Yellowfin to improve their dashboarding, data visualisation and hosting capabilities. Since working together, Plexure has now become a class-leading analytics platform used by over 224 million end-users in over 60 countries. 



  • Plexure is now a leading global mobile engagement solutions provider
  • Data is built on a reliable data foundation to support the users need for quick and reliable insights
  • Improved user experience through real-time data visualisation
  • Hosting is flexible and scalable to Plexure’s growth by volume and global reach
  • Plexure’s internal team can now focus on improving their core products

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Utilising data to deliver personalized customer engagement

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“Toustone have accelerated our ability to help our customers understand their data. Adding a hosted BI tool onto our data platform has let us focus on telling data stories not the infrastructure that enables them. And we’ve pushed it hard, scaling to users in over 60 countries over a couple of months and pumping billions of events through our platform every month.”

Will Hunt

Product Manager, Plexure