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The government has recently announced a digitalisation endorsement to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) accelerate economic recovery by embracing a digital data strategy. Investments in cloud computing, e-invoicing, cyber security, and web design will have a $120 tax deduction for every $100 spent. There has never been a better time to invest in your data strategy!

According to MYOB, businesses with an advanced level of digitisation are:

  • 50% more likely to increase revenue
  • Eight times more likely to create jobs 
  • Seven times more likely to scale

The cloud provides the foundation needed to accelerate your operation’s data strategy and achieve exponential growth. Toustone has what it takes to set up an effective data strategy for your organisation.

How your business benefits from the cloud

Why do you need the cloud? Manual reporting costs time and money and leaves the door open for errors. Plus, your data is at risk of being compromised, either by human error or a system crash. Manual reporting is a relic of the past.

Cloud hosting places all of your data in one centralized location, creating a single source of truth for the entire organisation to base decisions on. This is the building blocks of a solid data foundation that will enable your business to access accurate, real-time data for the best decision-making.

Let’s take a deeper look into the benefits of investing in a cloud-based data strategy now.

  • Single source of truth

One location for your data allows for easy, fast access to reports and deeper analysis between data sets. Your staff can easily compare and identify how various functions like marketing campaigns affect your P&L reports. 

  • Scale on demand

The cloud gives you greater flexibility. If you need more resources, you have access in minutes. This removes the pressure of planning – and means your business can grow even faster.

  • Worry-free backup

Your data backs up automatically. Data in the cloud isn’t susceptible to damage by flood or fire or if your system crashes. Never worry about losing your data again.

  • Save time and money

A network of servers hosted in the cloud replaces your server or hard drive. This makes it possible to store and access data much faster and more efficiently while eliminating the need to maintain a server. A single subscription fee replaces maintenance costs – and your staff have more time to focus on business goals. 

  • Security

You no longer worry about your server’s integrity. Toustone takes care of it all. We monitor your systems 24/7 so you are automatically alerted about outages and see issues resolved quickly. And you have complete control over who can access which reports. 

All of this means you have a centralized reporting model with easy access and 24/7 support that is flexible to your technical needs.

Government's digitalisation endorsement

Toustone makes data management easy

The governments digitalisation endorsement is putting its money where its mouth is by pushing incentives to accelerate Australia’s global leadership in digital and data strategy. SMEs can receive tax deductions for deploying cloud solutions that will benefit businesses

Real-time information at your fingertips means your organisation can act with agility. You – and your staff – can make data-driven decisions based on clear, accurate insights without searching through manual reports and spreadsheets. Your data is accessible from anywhere, at any time.

So what are you waiting for? Our team can’t wait to build the perfect data strategy for you. Get in touch today