Excel is an amazing tool when developing reports, but the flaws quickly become more evident when multiple versions of the truth begin to waste time and cloud judgment.

Spreadsheet software like Excel used to be the go-to tool for business operations, for everything from tracking sales to payroll. However, while it has been a useful tool it’s not built to run today’s businesses. Business Intelligence tools offer a more efficient and effective way to visualize your data and draw insights.

3 Problems With Relying on Spreadsheets

  1. Human error.
    Misplaced decimal points, data entry errors, staff using copy and paste and merging records – each can introduce costly errors into your spreadsheet. It is too easy to end up with multiple versions of the same file, and thus multiple versions of the truth. Which one is correct?
  2. Wasted time.
    Digging through spreadsheets for critical information. Finding out which copy of the file is the most recent. Verifying that you can trust the figures in front of you. Time spent entering data and generating reports. These should all be in the past. To be responsive to today’s changing world, you need information that you can react to in real time.
  3. Insecure data.
    Using a program like Excel means you’re storing your data locally and any staff member could alter the data. Plus, if your system crashes or gets attacked by a virus, your data is compromised.

The Solution

One of our clients, Kirinari, is an NDIS community service provider. Like many providers, they experienced difficulties adjusting to the new NDIS requirements. They had multiple systems with data both on-premise and in the cloud, manually created reports, and issues with data quality.

Toustone worked with them to develop a solution. Using cloud-based software with a dashboard presentation ensures data is updated automatically and everyone sees the same information in real-time. Now, all of their data can be seen in one place. Reports can be generated with a couple of clicks.

Using business intelligence reporting means their data is
stored safely in the cloud with a track record of any changes made to it.
With a glance they can see if they are overspending or underspending. It can be accessed any given day and time, allowing for immediate response.

The Takeaway

As data is increasingly relied on, make sure your business is using the best tools for the job. Business intelligence makes it simple for your business to make better data driven decisions.

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