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Yellowfin Introduction Demo

Analytics for Enterprise

In this demonstration you will see how Yellowfin enables you to extract much more value from your data by combining action based dashboards, operational reporting , automated data discovery, data storytelling and data preparation combined with data science integration into a single platform.


Business User
Data Analyst

Embedded Analytics – Product Team

In this walkthrough you will see how Yellowfin enables you to embed amazing analytical experiences into your software with ease and flexibility. From a highly integrated dashboard module and full self service reporting, to enabling best practice integration that blurs the lines between analytics and your application and workflows.


Product Manager
Product Owner

Embedded Analytics – Developers

Suited to more technical people, this video demonstrates how, with minimal coding effort, you would integrate Yellowfin seamlessly into your application. See how our APIs and Code Mode will enable you to build, embed and extend your product’s analytics capabilities and make your data shine.


Technical Leader
Technical Product Owner

AI Signals

Automation and AI are bringing us augmented analytics – the shortcut to insights that enables analysts and business users to jump straight to conclusions. Signals is also part of the only analytics suite that combines automated data discovery, action based dashboards and data storytelling into an integrated platform. Enabling you to extract transformational value from your data, without  being a tech head.