Toustone Case Study: On The Line

Yellowfin Cloud Powered by Toustone – Simplifying funder-required reporting and delivering better business insights.

The Challenge

On the Line provides vital social health support services to over 80,000 Australians each year. Operating from a purpose- built facility in Melbourne, 80 professional counsellors, social workers and psychologists are on hand to offer 24/7 support and advice via telephone, web chat and video counselling.

The organisation manages 22 separate lines, including public- facing services and tailored counselling programs for specific industry groups and other at-risk community members.

At the heart of the operation is a multi-modal call centre communication system and a case management solution for recording and monitoring end-user client data. On the Line also uses dedicated websites and social media channels to build awareness and encourage use of available services, as well as separate accounting and HR software packages.

As a not-for-profit entity, the organisation receives funding from both private and public sectors and is therefore required to provide regular comprehensive reporting to ensure SLAs are being met. Drawing data from several disparate systems under the existing framework was onerous, relying heavily on manual entry and taking days to complete. On the Line identified the need for a sophisticated BI solution to simplify its reporting requirements and to streamline business processes. Potential BI software offerings were evaluated, with Yellowfin Cloud powered by Toustone identified as the ideal choice.

“We looked at a number of packages, but the decision to go with Toustone was easy. We liked the idea of dashboard reporting, the simplicity of use and the fact that everything was integrated, giving us exactly what we were after. The Toustone team was super helpful and switched on, which also influenced our choice,” said Samantha Fredericks, Head of Brand, Marketing and Growth at On the Line.

“The decision to go with Toustone was easy. We liked the idea of dashboard reporting, the simplicity of use and the fact that everything was integrated, giving us exactly what we were after. The Toustone team was super helpful and switched on, which helped us identify clear winner.”

Samantha Fredericks, Head of Brand, Marketing and Growth - On The Line

The Solution

On the Line opted for a staged implementation, focusing initially on social media channels, followed by the call centre communication and case management systems. Integration with both HR and accounting packages will also be deployed, delivering a comprehensive business-wide view of the current performance of each line, utilising automated reporting from previously unlinked data sources.

The social media element was up and running in less than a day, thanks to pre-built connectors and dashboards for most social channels. The Yellowfin Cloud powered by Toustone solution delivers valuable intelligence instantly, without the need for any additional hardware. This gave the marketing team immediate access to comprehensive data, enabling quick analysis of each channel’s traffic and trends, allowing the team to better target the needs of those seeking social health services and to ensure current objectives were being met.

Pulling data from the call centre communications system and delivering a visual report means On the Line can easily assess the performance of each service line daily. Integrating communications data — such as time on call — with specific case management system data, provides the organisation with a complete picture of call by client. This not only gives insight into current service levels, but also drives the development of better business practices to improve client services and to realise efficiency gains.

“Our business is complex and we rely heavily on technology across a range of systems that all produce different data sets. Everything varies from month to month, so seeing the complete situation over specific times means we can easily plot trends and make changes accordingly, which helps with budgeting and staffing. The more information we have, the better – but the key is seeing that information in an easy to understand format and one that delivers insights on how we can improve the services we provide.”

Samantha Fredericks, Head of Brand, Marketing and Growth - On The Line

The automated email broadcasting function delivers daily sales data reports directly to sales reps, account managers and senior staff, even via their mobile phones. This means that they can take corrective action immediately if issues are identified. The system facilitates better customer relations, as Rivalea uses Yellowfin in conjunction with the ERP to report on quality issues such as monitoring the fat depth and weight profile of product sold to key customers. Easily accessing this information helps ensure compliance to the defined threshold and allows measurement of trends over time.

McKenzie sees the implementation as an ongoing project and will continue to ‘turn on’ additional functionality as required, to gain further insights into business performance. Planned future applications include identifying where products are being sold as a lower-value offering, but are within tolerance of a more premium offering — such as certified products being sold as standard — enabling any loss of premium revenue to be quickly identified and rectification carried out. The Yellowfin Cloud powered by Toustone solution delivers enterprise-level standards of security, performance and reliability. It not only puts accurate information into the hands of those who need it, but also provides Rivalea with the business intelligence to recognise the ‘why’, not just the ‘what’ of its performance.

Once all systems are integrated, tools built in the Yellowfin cloud environment will extract data from each source, store it in a cloud data warehouse and consolidate it for a complete business view, streamlining the manual workload and delivering automated daily reporting, along with monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and annual results.

On the Line is using Yellowfin’s powerful Storyboard feature to choose how they view available data. A customisable tool for sharing and communicating captured information in presentation format, Storyboard empowers people of all business backgrounds to assess the current situation and drive better business decision making.


  • The Yellowfin Cloud powered by Toustone solution eliminates manual report consolidation and delivers an automated snap-shot of the business daily, powering better decisions around service improvement and resourcing.

  • Empowers On the Line to produce real-time reporting on each service line, meeting funder requirements and ensuring delivery on SLAs.

  • Integration with social media channels identifies trends and enables analysis of the relationship between posted content and call activity.

  • A staged implementation allows On the Line to revise business process ‘on-the-fly’, utilising efficiency gains to inform the next integration stage.