The Why

Toustone will partner with you throughout the journey


Toustone will partner with you throughout the journey

to ensure you get the value out of your data

Knowledge on how to extract and present data to generate insight

No need to maintain IT technology and software on site

You get faster start-up and completion ... Speed to market

A fresh approach on delivery BI

With Toustone, you can choose the level of service and size that you want.

You can start off with a small dashboard for an individual or team. Next move to department and over time, all of your business. Toustone has a proven methodology for getting insight out of your data and will guide you on this journey.

The traditional approach is that you plan and design the end solution and then take months or years to build it. With the experience of Toustone and the benefits of the cloud, you can scale this as you go. You have the potential to start at a very low cost for an individual and scale up to cover the whole business.

Are you the person to lead the BI journey for your organisation?

A Staged Approach

A staged approach that matches your business needs

Toustone is highly experienced in the delivery of BI solutions. We have a proven methodology to help guide you through complex technical, data and organisation challenges.

Start small, get "quick wins", build success and generate enthusiasm. Evolve to new areas as you need to.