The Problem

Are you missing out on opportunities to grow your business?

Are you missing out?

The Business world is increasing in complexity and competitive pressure. You need to focus on growing your Top Line, managing your Bottom Line and minimising Risk. All at the same time.

Are you missing out on opportunities to operate in this new reality due to lack of insight from your business' data and information?

Does it take forever to get the information that you need? Do you even know where it is? Worse, do you know which "version" is current? This can seriously slow down and interrupt the creative thinking process.

Too many 'versions of truth' in spreadsheets. Increasing Business complexity & competition

The old way of doing BI

Do you lack the skills or no longer want to build in house infrastructure that takes months to design, gain approval, purchase and build, all this before you even think about a report?

Is your current BI environment coming to end of life and you need a new solution?

Does your IT department have other priorities? Is your IT department focusing on running large and long projects when all you want is a dashboard for your team or department's data?

Are you a power user?

Are you a power user of information, however can't get the right reporting environment?

Do you want to move beyond Excel and become more visual with your reporting?

Do you want to use your skills to provide your team with customised dashboards?

Multiple Sources of Data

Is your business continuously entering data into different systems, however you never see the output?

You know you have valuable data across numerous seperate systems, but struggle to get an integrated view in one place.

Are you seeing busy resources spending too much time creating spreadsheet reports, however you never get a whole of business view?

There is a better way

In a world of increasing complexity and competitiveness, you need to make sure that you are able to get insights and take actions before your competitors do. Most organisations are spending too much time on generating a report, instead they should be analysing the information and generating insights that lead to informed actions.

The Solution